Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bit Jax - Towers of Gold

Towers of Gold

One of my first proper tunes.
Since making it iv heard that asian string sample
used quite a bit by other producers..

Bit Jax - No Go For Me


Uni Video Projects


Staring Theo and Little Richard as the best friends
and Fin and Tom as the Bullies

Speakery The Speaker

Star Wars Tatooine Scene

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bit Jax - Gas Lamp


One of my earliest tunes.
Done in 2009

was also remixed by Alexis K

Sweet Tags

I love weird tags..
heres some i collected last year in wellington.

My Friends

  These are some of my friends...
they dont usually look like this
get it?
yeah good.
photoshop is fun.











Old Works


Bean Man

Lil Sneaky Weasles In On It


(Cardboard/Paint Sculpture 2007)

Faces 2009

They Call Him Red Unimpressed
(A3 2009)

They Call Him 
Red Brown Dehydrated
(A3 2009)

They Call Him Brown Agitated
(A3 2009)

Hand Assignment 2008

(Uni Work 2008)

 Hand Final 
(Uni Work 2008)

Digital Paintings 2009


A6 works 2007