Thursday, February 16, 2012

I have a short attention span and I change my mind a lot. vol 1.1

I have a new beat tape out!

This album has been through many different styles, sizes and names since its tracks were completed in the beginning of 2011. The essence of this is captured in its wordy title and 5-year-old-in-a-hoodie cover art.
Both of which fit my current style of making beats perfectly.

It took a year to finalise the way this set of tracks would be delivered to the listeners and only in the last week was the final configuration decided upon.
Originally a bunch of sample based instrumentals, electronic club-ish explorations and self styled Bit Jax fuck-arounds.
It morphed from 20 odd tracks, into 48 split over 4 albums, back into a 48 track monster album until finally I got tough on myself, culled 15 completely and split the rest into two masterpieces.
One with electronic leanings and one that's beats.
This is the latter.