Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Updates for 2012

Updates have been made to my bandcamp page.


You can now download all of my older releases (and some unreleased bits) that were given out but lost in a pile of shitty mediafirerapidshare links. Some (most/all haha) are unmastered and  not as amazing as my recent work but I dont think that means they should be forgotten. I think having these older Bit Jax tracks available helps show how my musical tastes (and attention span) have changed and how I have progressed as a producer.

I've been organising myself and my music for some bigger better releases for 2012.
So if all goes to plan and we're all doing mean limo jumps off parts of the road as they fall away into the imploding earth on dec 21st - we should have some awesome music to listen to while we do it.
February is the month to start with.

New Zealand Performance Car Magazine X Bit Jax

Heaps of the latest videos for NZ Performance Car Magazine feature Bit Jax tracks.