Friday, May 25, 2018

Bit Jax - Black Metal

About 3-4 years ago I was getting stoned in my back yard one night and I noticed that the BBQ looked amazing. It was shiny and it had just rained. It was made of Black Metal. The idea of taking those two words and making an album full of metal samples has been with me for a while. Some people said it was cool some people said it was confusing because none of the music is black metal and that I shouldn't call it that. I really wanted to do a nod to Maralyn Manson with a Mechanical Animals style naked cover. People told me not to do that too. After the logo was done (thank you @lizardism) it didnt fit the shoot i did very well so I compromised and made a cover using my alien chest instead. I think it works.
This album has taken me about 3 years to finish. It has seen many variations but I put a lot more effort into it and I think it is some of my best work. 


"koRn" and "Nine" are most recent personal favourites. Sampling Korn worked better than expected and Gabor Szabo is a goldmine.

"Miike" and "[cave] dArK" have been around since a trip to bali in 2016.
Bits of an emo sample pack, an alarms pack and Damian Echols interview.

"Lisbon Serial Killer" is from after a trip to Lisbon where i bought a bunch of fado 7"s at a market. Thats young Joker from Gotham having a laugh.

I realised my iPhone is also a dictaphone a couple of years ago so instead of taking photos now i record everything. s/o to the Carlton Church Choir, Fitzroy McCoppins bottle store and that asian couple doing karaoke that one time.

released April 27, 2018

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